Monday, June 27, 2011

erm...hello xD

HAHAHAHAHA forgive me people for not updating for more than 2 months! i dont seem to have the mood anymore :( yet i wonder why i still my blog everyday. haha :) anyway....

this is one of my most recent videos. its made for an assignment in college :) its a video about camera movements, with a lil bit of story to it. enjoy xD!


Monday, February 14, 2011

Haven't Met You Yet - Kien (Michael Buble cover)

one of my favourite songs from Michael Buble. happy valentines day btw! this is for all you single ones out there! don't worry, you just haven't met him/her yet! you will one day :D

i hope i meet one too xD

hope you guys like it :D


Friday, January 21, 2011

She Is Love - Kien ( Parachute Cover )

another cover that i finally made after procastinating for a long time. haha :D hope you guys like it!


Saturday, January 1, 2011

happy new year!! ( and something to announce :P )

hey how's everyone doing? hope everyone's good :) cause its already 2011! happy new year! i wish everyone a good year ahead aight? ;) 

anyway, i'm here to say that, i have no idea HOW to keep this blog warm and fresh with contents and how to keep you guys reading :( so ii'll be more active on my photography blog at so do check out my photoblog for more content than THIS blog xD. 

i wont delete this blog, because most of you already know it better than my photoblog. but more updates with photos will be on my photoblog. this blog will be more dead than it already is haha! 

anyway, hope you all had a great year and now have a even better one! bye!


Wednesday, December 29, 2010


i am seriously once heck of a stupid idiot. how the fuck could i not see that coming?!

there goes my car, or at least my dad's trust in me. fuck lah plain F-U-C-K!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

lazy bugger.

everyday i check my blog just because its a habit. so this time i feel that i should write something, at least. LOL! 

right now working on a song, for presentation later in college. have to compose and present it. and then more presentations...2 more bloody assignments and finals in....3 weeks? havent started studying. doomed :)

and these aren't the reason why i haven't been updating. i've been busy being lazy hehe :)

but yes if your reading this blog and feel like it isnt worth reading cause its dead, just check once in a while. i DO update once in a while. so yea :)


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Agents. of Secret.Stuff ( A.S.S)

best collaboration of all my favourite youtubers! WongFu Productions, Ryan Higa, David Choi and the rest of them in a 30 min long short movie. Watch it, you'll be surprised how good these people are :D


Sunday, November 21, 2010

what to blog lah :( ?

how do bloggers keep their blogs alive :( ? i have absolutely no idea what to write about. or maybe i do, just that i'm lazy haha. last post on the 9th, dayumm im good :P 

oh yea, the other day on the way to picking up some friends, it was a wet road, was going a lil downhill in free gear, around 40 km/h, approaching a traffic light. it was green so i kept going. a kancil was in front of me and the light turned yellow when the kancil was already AT the lights. and guess what? the driver e-braked. so fml i braked but skidded and hit the kancil. right headlight glass broken, right signal K.O-ed. kancil = no damage. stupid uncle -_- . the funny thing was how scared they looked after the hit, like so much fear that i would make them pay RM1000 or something ._.

yea that's one story. nth much exciting. been playing futsal alot these days. assignments are STILL annoying. went and watched a gig at Laundry, The Curve. took pictures and hanged out with An Honest Mistake ;) oh and Sanjay from Azure For Janne haha. thanks guys for the awesome time! pictures can be found on my facebook and

so yea thats it for now. thanks for reading though this blog is as dead as it gets. till then :P


Tuesday, November 9, 2010


just wondering, how many of you here are the left out ones? the ones who get made fun of? the one's labelled as "uncool"? the ones who are just being yourself, doing stuff you like and apparently that's "uncool" and "lame"? anyone of you tried changing yourselves to fit in with these cool people? 

here's a tip. dont bother trying. no matter how "cool" you try to be, you'll still be the uncool one to them. just fck the rest and do what you want. they aren't worth it. if you're uncool but not on purpose, that's fine. cause that's you. no one is to judge you. you'll eventually find people who accept you. 

and to those of you who are "too cool" for lame/uncool people, f**k you.